Simon Johnson


Simon Johnson has worked with extremely high-profile individuals, charities and businesses from numerous sectors.. Here is what some of them had to say.

Chair – UK Charity

SJRB was appointed by our Trustee board to undertake a Strategic Review of our charity. Simon presented a thorough process to engage with key stakeholders and facilitated a series of engaging sessions in a virtual environment during a challenging period when we were all working from home.

Simon formulated an appreciation of the charity’s strengths and challenges early in the process and brought his own experience of our sector and the framework we operate within, to the entire process. Simon’s prior role within the community was a key characteristic that attracted us to select him initially and our expectations were exceeded as he applied this to the final report.

Throughout the process Simon maintained regular communication with the charity. He provided regular updates on progress and obstacles, verifying that the work he was undertaking was still on course to achieve its original objectives.

Simon’s final presentation and review document was comprehensive in all aspects and surpassed the remit. His ability to provide succinct context to his conclusions showed the strength of his communication skills to the board at this crucial – and potentially challenging – stage.

We all enjoyed working with Simon and recognised how his recommendations were carefully considered and relevant to our unique situation. We knew the output was the result of the bespoke service he provided.

We will continue to work with Simon as we move from review to implementation. We have no hesitation in recommending his work to other organisations.

Founder – UK Philanthropic Foundation

The Foundation needed help in formulating a coherent Philanthropy philosophy. Being inundated with application from many worthwhile causes and being unable to say no, we felt it was important for the Founders to create an identity for the Foundation and its Trustees.

With Simons help we developed our:

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Purpose
  4. Values

We are now focused entirely on our objectives as embraced by the Strategic Report produced to the Trustees.

The degree of Professionalism offered was quite outstanding and we would highly recommend his Philanthropic services. This is a must go to service for any fledgling or even maturing Foundation.

UK Based Company Director

It’s been my pleasure to work with Simon directly as a board member where he is Chair of the board. During my time on the Board, he has demonstrated remarkable acumen in leading collective decision-making processes and adeptly handling challenging issues.

Simon consistently adopts a constructive yet pragmatic approach, maintaining a forward-looking perspective that encompasses the holistic interests of the business. His exceptional chairmanship skills in board meetings are truly commendable, characterized by a diplomatic, tactful, and unwavering demeanour. By demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of each stakeholder’s viewpoint, Simon ensures a robust and respectful exchange of opinions.

The wealth of knowledge and profound insights I have gained from Simon’s guidance have been invaluable to my professional growth.  I have incorporated the invaluable lessons acquired from his leadership into my own endeavours.

Simon has the ability to tease out distractions and focus on resolutions that are consensual and take people with him.

In all the meetings and discussions I was part of, or witnessed, Simon retained a cool head, professional demeanour and forensic understanding of issues. On top of that, he is a genuinely lovely man always doing his best. Personally, I would love any opportunity to work with him again.

UK Based Company Director

Simon chairs our business with the skill and depth of thought of a grand master playing several simultaneous games of chess !!

I really appreciated his friendly and open approach, not to mention the speed at which he resolved the matter on my behalf.

I’m really happy to recommend Simon to anybody needing a similar helping hand.

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