Simon Johnson

Business Services

Simon Johnson has amassed years of experience in providing expert business services for a wide range of high profile clients.


Corporate Governance

The right governance structure can free up decision making, encourage creativity, provide robust oversight and simplify reporting.

We have wide experience of advising on and leading comprehensive governance reviews in high profile sports governing bodies, such as The FA, The RFU and World Rugby, in private companies and in charities.


An inspiring strategy can lead to clearer messaging, can help to inspire and motivate staff, and volunteers and can help to more clearly explain a business or charity to stakeholders and the wider community.

We have led strategy reviews in large and small charities, in small businesses and in large sports governing bodies. We can lead an inclusive process to enable you to refresh your strategy and enable your business and charity to grow.

Business Development

We have helped numerous businesses to grow and develop new leads and business opportunities. We are able to get under the skin of and understand a business, allowing us to use our wide network to create growth opportunities and to expand and grow.

We have acted for professional services firms, software businesses, digital providers and media businesses and helped to create new and exciting business growth opportunities.

Areas of Expertise

Sport & Leisure

I have been a Senior Executive and am now a Senior Non-Executive Director in Sport and Leisure businesses.

I am a passionate advocate for the leisure industry and the impact that it has on the economy and often write on this subject. I also advise businesses in the leisure and sports sectors, helping them to grow and to become more efficient.

Charity Sector

I have been a Charity Chief Executive and now am a Charity Trustee sitting on a number of Boards.

We have advised charities and philanthropic foundations on strategy, governance and on crisis management. I frequently write on and publish articles on issues pertinent to the charitable sector.

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