Simon Johnson


Throughout his career, Simon Johnson has been interviewed by some of the world’s most prestigious media outlets to discuss a wide range of subjects, including sports management, bidding for major events, and topical issues relating to his previous roles.

The Day Shift Podcast

Simon is interviewed by two students from Strathclyde University, and discusses his career as a Chair, CEO and NED. He touches on how his career developed as it did, some of the experiences he has had and gives suggestions on networking and career development.

Debating the Tricycle Theatre’s Decision not to Host Jewish Film Festival

In this Newsnight interview from 2014, Simon debates a threatened boycott of a Jewish Film Festival.

England’s World Cup Bid Leader Simon Johnson Dismisses FIFA Report

In this interview from 2014, Simon reacts to a FIFA Inquiry Report into corruption in the 2018/22 World Cup Bidding.

Simon Johnson on CNN Discussing the Rise in European Antisemitism

An interview with CNN from 2018 on a report about European attitudes to antisemitism.

JLC Chief Executive Simon Johnson on BBC Radio 5 Live on Labour Antisemitism & IHRA Definition

In September 2018, Simon was interviewed on BBC Five Live about the Labour Party’s debate on adoption of a definition of antisemitism.

Simon Johnson on Sky News Regarding Wreath Laying to the Perpetrators of the Munich Massacre

In this SKY News interview from 2018, Simon reacts to reports that Jeremy Corbyn laid a wreath in controversial circumstances.

JLC Chief Executive Simon Johnson on Talk Radio on Jeremy Corbyn’s Comments on British Zionists

In this Talk Radio Interview from 2018, Simon discusses controversial comments made by Jeremy Corbyn about Zionists.

JLC Chief Exec. Simon Johnson on Sky News

In this interview from 2016, Simon responds to claims from Sadiq Khan that his bid to become Mayor of London was being damaged by claims of antisemitism against the Labour Party.

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